What makes a business attractive to a buyer?

It’s a question we hear often, but it’s one that almost always comes with a series of follow-up questions. What steps can be taken inside the business to make it more attractive for a sale? How do I know that my business is ready for the transaction dance?

It’s never too soon to consider the answers to these questions. Inspired by the continued popularity of the Prepping the Princess events (in 2016 and 2018), and various Trusted Counsel podcasts on the topic, we have united this year with Growth Point Technology Partners, Aprio, Wilmington Trust, Trey James, co-founder and former CEO of Xcentric Group, LLC which sold to Right Networks, and Peter Paglia, the former COO of of OnBoard Security which sold to Qualcomm earlier this year. Listen to the 2019 podcasts and past podcasts to learn about the considerations business owners and C-level executives should keep in mind before an exit – even if that exit is years away from fruition.


2019 podcast series on Preparing to sell a business

In process: conversations about business in the 21st Century

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